Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

We believe the design and development of effective communication strategies and resources is essential to establishing and maintaining good stakeholder relationships.

Easy to use

Data Visualisation

Sanida Communications can develop creative solutions for illustrating, animating and sharing your data using a range of methods from data driven websites to multi-media infographics.

Responsive design

Professional Photography

David Haigh has 30 Years experience as a Professional Photographer in Australia and South East Asia.


Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting (<IR>) is a process founded on integrated thinking that results in a periodic integrated report by an organization about value creation over time and related communications regarding aspects of value creation.



Infographics (data and information visualisation) is being used more and more to make the vast and ever increasing amounts of data accessible to a range of viewers who traditionally or previously may have been excluded from or denied access to data sets . 

Graphic Design


We have been providing a range of desktop publishing and design services for local and international clients since 1997.

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