Stakeholder Engagement

\We believe the design and development of effective communication strategies and resources is essential to establishing and maintaining good stakeholder relationships. Listening to all stakeholders, respecting their opinions, seeing the world through their eyes and understanding their concerns and expectations are critical parts of the engagement process. Often these steps are overlooked or sidelined through misunderstandings about whose job it is to do the consultations.

Multi Stakeholder Negotiations on Lihir Island


Relevant information should be made available to all interested stakeholders in accessible formats.

When information delivery is restricted to political, commercial or cultural leaders it can be used as power and marginlised groups can be deliberately or accidentally excluded. Often the women and the youth in the community can be dis-empowered by traditional information delivery channels which can mean they are mis-informed or miss out on the information they need to make decisions about their family, their future and and their livelihood.

Good engagement strategies built on the basic principles of fairness, equity and inclusion can help to overcome these obstacles and benefit all stakeholders in the long term including the developers and the government but especially the communities whose environment, economy, culture and livelihood may be affected.

Sanida Communications can work in consultation with all stakeholders to identify key issues, risks and constraints affecting new and existing developments. We can design, develop and deliver communication resources and strategies to inform, educate and include stakeholders at key points in the development timeline.

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