PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara, Batu Hijau Copper Gold Project, Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

From 1996 to 2000 David was Audio/Visual Consultant to the PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara, (Newmont Mining Company), Batu Hijau Copper Gold project in Sumbawa, Eastern Indonesia.

The project was in transition from exploration to construction and David was contracted to make a photographic and video record of the mining lease area and the surrounding villages before construction began (At that time it was one of the largest base metal projects ever built). The records are an important element of the social, economic and environmental impact study.

David was also contracted to produce a project induction video to use in recruitment and general induction to the country, province, site and project. Following the two initial contracts he was awarded a long term contract to setup an MultiMedia Production Unit (MMPU) to document the construction project and provide assistance to all departments in design and production of audio-visual resources. The unit is still operational with many of the initial staff members chosen and trained by David still working.

Key responsibilities of the MMPU are:

  • Design and production of a recruitment video for distribution to recruitment agencies worldwide
  • Design and production of a range of multimedia resources for the information and communication requirements of the Community Development and External Relations Departments
  • Design and Production of audio-visual resources for orientation and training to support the Human Resources Department
  • Establishment and development of “in house” computer based digital video editing and production facilities
  • Establishment and development of photographic and video catalogue, storage and retrieval systems
  • Design, procurement, installation and operation of photographic and video services
  • Identification and production of photographic and video images to support public relations requirements
  • Provide professional development and training services to Indonesian nationals for all of the above activities.

Examples of MMPU resources can be found here:


Energy Equity Corporation
Natural Gas Producers,
Perth, Western Australia 1996

Professional photography at gas development projects in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Lihir Gold Limited/Newcrest Mining Limited, Lihir Gold Operations

From 2008 to 2013 David was employed as the Superintendent Sustainable Development Media (SD Media), a multi disciplinary role supporting the Lihir Gold Operations Sustainable Development Department social and commercial programs. The role involved stakeholder engagement, community development and social and economic impact monitoring, data management and accessibility. He led a team of 7 talented PNG national colleagues including journalists and audio visual professionals in the design and production of a range audio visual IEC resources and communication tools supporting all stakeholders in the Lihir Gold Operations.

The SD Media team built strong and respectful relationships with the stakeholders through the nationally distributed, monthly community newspaper, Lihir I Lamel (Lihir Today). The SD Media team provides production capacity for the key stakeholders to communicate to the nation and the grass roots community on Lihir and in the province. The team has established a level of trust with the stakeholders through an honest and transparent arrangement that is unique in the PNG resource industry.

Working closely with the Principal Social Responsibility, David has designed and developed a range of data access tools to improve the accessibility of the social and economic impact monitoring data which forms a key platform of the Social Monitoring and Management Plan.


  • Data management and data based web design
  • Data reporting and infographics
  • Cultural heritage management
  • Production of a monthly community newspaper for PNG national distribution
  • HD video suite for corporate, training and general video production
  • Desktop publishing
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Professional photography


PT Darma Henwa
Civil Engineering Contractors
Jakarta, Indonesia 1996 

Professional photography at civil contracting sites in Kalimantan and Maluku, Indonesia.

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