"I would recommend that companies develop a communications strategy based on the needs of different stakeholders."

Wim Bartels, KPMG’s Global Head of Sustainability Reporting & Assurance.(Extract from: The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013

Infographics (data and information visualisation) is being used more and more to make the vast and ever increasing amounts of data accessible to a range of viewers who traditionally or previously may have been excluded from or denied access to data sets . Demystifying data using graphics makes it more accessible and easier to understand.

Companies are utilising the power of Infographics to communicate information in their day to day operations, training resources and reporting. 

Sanida can develop effective infographic resources to suit client's requirements based on a existing templates, like the ones at right, or from scratch.

Some good Infographics resources:
"Infographics, the Power of Visual Storytelling" by Lankow, Ritchie and Crooks. Column Five. www.wiley.com
"Visual Complexity, Mapping Patterns of Information" by Manuel Lima. Princeton Architectural Press . www.papress.com
"Data Points, Visualisation that means something" by Nathan Yau. Wiley. www.wiley.com"The Functional Art, An Introduction to information graphics and visualization" by Alberto Cairo. New Riders. www.newriders.com
"Designing Information, Human Factors and Common Sense in Information Design" by Joel Katz. Wiley. www.wiley.com

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